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Monday, September 17, 2012

56# 閒雜生活

Nautical Nellies fresh oysters before the season ends!

最近不知道為什麼, 感覺跟朱感情還不錯, 不過好像也沒真的不好過?!
可能是因為開始上課了, 生活也有個目標 >> 朝向精彩的明年前進
我們班有大約 35人, 大約有 1/3 是 first year, 有 1/3 是社會人士

念了第一二個 chapter 之後, 我只覺得 "哇~ 很 make sense 耶! 那 first year 的人沒正式工作過的人, 是要怎麼 make sense?" 想想我 first year 的時候, 覺得每天只是盲目的在背 concepts & theories.
現在去上課比較像是 an application and additional knowledge facilitating work.

我一直在想老師要怎麼教~? First year 的人會很討厭我們?!
但我也覺得這種 dynamic 很好~ 有很多種不同的 input
我也很納悶, 以這種 pace, 以前我們是怎麼 handle 四五堂課的?
每科一個禮拜就是 1~2個 chapters..... 誰有時間念那麼多書阿?

還蠻多可能是二三年級的, 有比較多打工經驗, 很跩的咧!!
自以為自己知道很多~ 不過我都默默在旁邊看戲....
心裡想說 "現在的小孩真欠揍阿.... 不過想想老娘比他們大 10歲耶... 好老喔.."

本班有幾位 "我的 entertainment"
有一位 "很出色" 的大陸人. 他英文不好, 但很愛回答問題.
重點是常常回答都不是老師在問的~~ 哈哈哈哈!!
OMG, 我都一直在幫他捏把冷汗~~ 三條線 三條線, 希望他不要再說了..... ヽ(ー_ー; )ノ

另一位胖胖女, 她在政府上班, 也很愛回答問題
you can tell every time she is very well prepared, 但不需要每一題都回答吧?!
她回答後, 都會自 high
每次講完都會大笑, 但全班都沒人笑.... 因為根本不好笑..........?
怪怪 (´Д` |||)

她懷孕之後我都還沒看過她, 他們也搬新家, 要去逛逛
希望會不錯玩~~~  (¬‿¬)


  1. Oh? Oh? Oh???
    跟朱不錯很好阿!!! Keep it up!!!

    So looks like you're enjoyin' ur classes
    我上次用whatsapp 問妳妳也沒回我 =_="
    Goods life.

    1. Oh u did? I dont think i got ur msg? @_@

  2. hahahahahaha!!!!!!! Def keen students in every class!
    you gonna get his sister anything?!

    1. Probably not yet. She is not due til Jan.
      I kept on telling Victor to buy something when we were at Zellers.. they are having liquidation sales. Yes they are closing, and we are having Target instead eh?! Everything is dirt cheap!
      But he didn't want to get anything yet. I was thinking OH-KAY, YOU GOT $$ TO BUY THINGS AT THE PRICE TAG ANYWAY LOL...
      Plus things are cheaper across the border..... we'll see.. it's his sister not mine.. i think he's been bombarded with so much baby/wedding talks. LOL

    2. Hahahahaha! Maybe that's his way of rebelling against too much baby/wedding talk!?

      But spending money at price tag is just so wrong. Think about all the profit those big companies are getting! INSANE!

      So, zeller went bankrupt or what? then what about the bay?! don't they belong to the same mother company?

    3. I think Target bought leasehold rights of Zeller, Bay is still there :)
      Just most of the Zeller will become Target! Hahaha

  3. 好恩愛啊~ ^^
    thats right, once there are thingss to distract me I complain less to, no time lah!
    hahaha I love those keeners, I remember those good old days, where keeners would dominate class room discussion thinking thats how they get participation marks... and us cool kids just snickering quietly at the back XD

    1. They are just awesome. HAHAHAHHA! Sometimes annoying tho!